Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Dear Journey to Nigeria followers, friends and family,

Taiye and I are excited to report that with your support we have raised some $2,000 dollars towards the cost of our planned trip to Nigeria to see our father for the very first time! Since the launch of this blog page back in April by my dear friend, we have been engaged in a flurry of activity in an effort to raise the necessary monies for our trip to Nigeria. These activities included...

*A letter that we sent out to family members and close friends soliciting their prayers and financial support. Taiye and I would like to pause and say thank you to our family and close friends for supporting us financially and through your prayers! We are privileged to have each one of you join us on our journey!!!

*We also created a 10 min. documentary about our efforts (we're still looking for an editor so if you know of someone who can edit this interview for us please let us know) that we plan to post on God Tube and You Tube.

*One of our most successful and enjoyable activities was our 30th Birthday Benefit Dinner Party that our good friend Bonnie Gable hosted back in early August! We had 16 of our closet and newest friends join us for an evening of sharing , laughter and good old fashioned fellowship! We raised just under $700.00 dollars that night! Although we have said it once before, we cannot say it enough: THANK YOU! Thank you for your continued support!

We specifically want to thank
  • Bonnie, for putting the benefit together for us, in the midst of your most stressful week!
  • Thank you, Cherry, for being a constant source of encouragement to us and for your prayers over us that night and always.
  • Thank you, Susanna, for your selfless sacrifice-- seeing our need working to meet it. You're a blessing to everyone you meet. I'm glad God saw fit to have us meet 7 years ago now!
  • Thank you, Lynne for coming even after not seeing me or my sister in seven years! That really meant a lot to us…oh and thank you for your generous donation!
  • Thank you, Josh and Heather, for your faithfulness over the years...we know that we can always count on you guys to have our backs!
  • I can’t forget Amiee, who has been there for us for the past 12 years! Your faithfulness is unmatched and we are blessed to be able to call you FRIEND!
  • Thank you ,Jodie, newly weds, Brandon and Rachel, servant Kelly, and my partners in justice Neil and his girlfriend Yrine!! You guys rock!!!! Oh, I can't forget Erica! Thank you Erica for you freindship and support!
Thanks to your generosity, we are closer to reaching our goal of raising some $6,000 for our trip. But there's still a fair bit to raise! We had hoped to have raised enough to purchase our tickets by the end of the summer so that we could travel to Nigeria in December for Christmas. We have not yet reached our goal but we are encouraged because we know that ultimately God is in control of the date and time that we will be reunited with our father! That said, we are going to keep moving and praying and waiting to see what the Lord does over the next weeks, months or even years. However long it takes we are committed to taking this journey with you by our side! We will get to the “promised land” one day!

Please continue to lift our efforts up in prayer and we will continue to post our progress and interesting stories to keep you coming back and spreading the word! Thank you all and God bless each one of you!


The Oladapo Twins