Friday, May 8, 2009

Lola's passport arrived! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not being huge fans of needles, we were less than thrilled to learn that we needed several immunizations before traveling to West Africa. The Center for Disease Control has a lot of information to offer about diseases and recommended vaccinations and it was all a bit overwhelming. Where should we start? Where could we go to get the right shots and medications for our trip without paying too much? Before we even got started hunting for a good clinic or doctor, Lola had a special encounter while traveling for work. Riding in a taxi cab to the airport, Lola struck up a conversation with the driver. Lola and the driver quickly discovered their Nigerian connection -- he was originally from Nigeria and had family there. He told her all about his experience with vaccinations and travel and recommended a local clinic. He even gave Lola a specific doctor's name and contact information! What an awesome lead!

We're still in the process of getting our series of required shots and, while it's not fun, it's totally worth it. We can't wait to get to Nigeria.